Corporate Principles

We at Kasco are committed to creating products that are unbeatable in terms of quality, right down to every last detail. We take pride in creating safe products that win customers' satisfaction and trust.
We at Kasco are determined to make the best use of “new ideas," “new materials," and “new technologies, " to rapidly cope with changes. We are always challengers as we try to create new kinds of value.
We at Kasco are determined to play our role in society, under good corporate governance. We believe in a high work ethic, team work, and good communication.

History of KASCO

    1959 The corporation was founded at Shirotori-cho, Okawa-gun,
    Kagawa Prefecture. Began manufacturing formal gloves.
    1962 Began research into athletic gloves.
    1964 incorporated with capital of 5 million yen.
    Began developing golf gloves and started selling them
    to major golf stores nationwide.
    1965 Begin to pay attention to the golf markets outside Japan
    and started to export golf gloves through trading
    companies. Introduced the latest tanning technologies
    from Europe and began joint development projects with
    Japanese tanners.
    1967 Abandoned the dress glove business and decided to
    specialize in athletic gloves.
    1968 Installed a trading division. Began exoirting golf gloves to
    proline golf in the US. In the Japanese market,
    Kasco’s bowling gloves, developed with advice from pro
    bowlers, became hot sellers.
    1972 Coined a new brand name,”KASCO,”out of
    “Kamatari Sports Company,” which has been used as
    the brand name of the corporation ever since.
    1973 Outgrew OEM manufacturing in the Japanese market.
    To launch the marketing of Kasco’s own brand,
    founded Kasco Jaoan Corporation in Tokyo.
    1975 To expand the athletic glove business, began developing and
    marketing gloves for baseball batting, horse riding, and tennis.
    1976 Established a distribution networks of professional golf stores
    located on golf courses in the US.
    1980 Rennamed Kasco Jaoan Corporation as
    “Kasco Tokyo Hanabai(sales) Corporation.”
    Launched a bag business division to begin the menufacturing
    and marketing of caddie bags, Boston bags, etc.
    1982 Began marketing the corporation’s golf ball, “RS-1”.
    Built a new golf ball plant, featuring the latest equipment,
    at Shido-cho, Okawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
    (called “Shido, Sanuki City” today). Founded Kasco Kansai
    Hanbai(sales)Corporation and Kasco Osaka Corportion
    in Osaka, as the bases of the Kasco distribution network
    in western Japan.
    1984 Renamed Kasco Tokyo Hanbai(sales)Corporation as
    “Kasco Tokyo Corporation.”
    1986 Began marketing the “DC432,” the world’s first-ever solid
    three-piece golf ball. Founded Kasco Hokkaido Corporation.
    At the same time, expanded the marketing beases of the
    corporation to cover Sendai, Chiba, Nagoya, and the
    Hokuriku region.
    1988 Founded a new marketing base in Saitama.
    Expanded the golf ball plant at Shido, Kagawa Prefecture
    for increased prodaction.
    Began building an online distribution system covering
    the whole of Jaoan.
    Established a new manufacturing line for the assembly of
    golf clubs and began OEM production, as a preparatory
    step to joining the golf club market.
    At the same time, enhanced the research and development
    facilities of the corporation. Outside Japan,
    founded”Kamatari Thailand Co.,Ltd.,” a gloves and bags
    plant, in Thailand. Also founded”Taiwan Kasco Corp.,”
    a local distribution company, in Taiwan.
    1991 Founded “Kasco Golf (Thailand) Ltd.,” a local distribution
    company, in Thailand. Completed the construction of
    a plant dedicated to golf clubs, featuring full molding
    facilities(known as the Shido Headquarters Plant today).
    Launched the development of original Kasco golf clubs.
    1992 Began marketing ”Lcd,” the first Kasco golf club,
    produced by the corporation’s own, integreated internal
    producution system. Acquired Kasco Hanbai (sales)
    Corporation, in order tobild up a system for integrated
    manufacturing and marketing and thus expand the market
    share of the Kasco brand. Renamed itself as
    “Kasco Corporation.” At the same time, moved its
    headquarters from Shido-cho, Okawa-gun,
    Kagawa Prefecture to Shido-cho, Okawa-gun
    (today this is Shido, Sanuki Ciry) in the same prefacture.
    1994 Successfully developed a new golf club material,
    “Super Hyten,” and began to marketing golf clubs made
    using the new material. Developed and began marketing
    the first-ever golf shoes made using lasts (shoe models)
    developed by Kasco itself.
    1997 Began marketing “Rokets,” the world’s first solid
    four-piece golf balls.
    1998 Developed ”Three-piece Shaft,” with revolutionary features,
    Founded a new marketing base in Nagano.
    1999 Began marketing ”Power Tornado-U,” a utility golf club that
    became a hot seller.The club received many awards,
    including the “Club of the Year” and many more.
    2001 Began marketing “Silicon Power,” the world’s first golf ball
    featuring silicon as a material.
    Acquired “Kasco Hokkaido Corporation” and turned it into
    the Sapporo Branch of Kasco.
    2002 Began marketing “E340” and “PRO285,” clubs made
    using a new enhanced version of “Super Hyten,”
    an alloy developed by Kasco itself. The corporation
    improved its forging technology used to create the alloy
    and thus strengthened it further.
    2004 Began marketing the “Dual Mode Series” of golf balls,
    whose flying and stopping characteristics drastically
    change depending on whether the clubs used are longer
    or shorter than No.7 iron clubs, Began marketing “Itility,”
    a new category of golf clubs merging utility and iron clubs.
    2005 Began marketing “D-MASX460,” a new driver designed in
    accordance with “MAX theory,” devised to maximize
    the head speed, swing ease, meet ratio, and restitution.
    Began marketing “Silicon KIRA ball,” a golf ball with
    a revolutionary high-luminance cover and high light
    reflection levels, The ball emits outstanding radiance.
    2006 Began marketing “D-MAX450,” a new “MAX theory”
    druver designed in compliance with the “SLE rules.”
    Began marketing “Power TOrnado FG,” a new utility club
    made using wrought fourth-generation “Super Hyten”.
    2007 Added new colors to the “KIRA Series,” renowned and
    appreciated for its “easily visible luminance.”
    The KIRA lineup by now included yellow, lime,
    orange and pink.
    2008 Signed a licensee agreement with
    AMER SPORTS JAPAN, INC. for their Wilson Golf business.
    Released the 5th Power Tornado Utility Club,
    2009 50th anniversay of the founding.
    2010 Kasgo became a consolidated subsidiary of Mamiya-OP Co., Ltd.
    2011 “KIRA KLENOT” superlative shine and flight ball, and
    “POWER TORNADO UTILITY 06” back to basics concept club
    had been launched.
    2012 30th anniversay of the golf ball manufacturing.
    2013 “POWER TORNADO 7” and ”DOLPHIN WEDGE” imparting outstanding
    follow-through capabilitied club, and “KIRA JET 40・50” ”KIRA SWEET”
    micri-balloon technology ball had been lanched.


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